Miss Fortune
The Bounty Hunter
Physical Damage
Counter Tips
How to counter Miss Fortune as Vayne
Her ultimate has an incredibly short area of effect at the base, so if you keep the fight in melee range, she'll never be able to ult you without missing the majority of bullets due to tumbling around her in circles.
If she starts to ult you can just use your E to disturb The ulti and if your gonna 1v1 her try to be as close as possible cuse u got more damage and more attackspeed then her
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The Night Hunter
Physical Damage
Counter Tips
How to counter Vayne as Miss Fortune
As Miss Fortune the damage from you impure shots rival the silver bolts. YOU MUST BE THE AGGRESSOR! Try to engage with your make it rain; the aoeslow will lock her down as she tries to pull away. You can melt her threw the invisibility with your aoe ULT.
Under no circumstance will Vayne be able to trade with Miss Fortune in lane. With the threat of this around MF can easily deny farm and punish Vayne if she gets close.
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Vayne will win.
TwillyFSniper - Posted about Oct 21st, 2015
Lots of people are going to critique this, inaccurately. Vayne will only struggle for a short period of time, until around 4. After that it's basically a dominant game. Every match I play against an MF I normally have an absurd KDA. Absurd. I mean like 18/1/10 absurd.

MF has a few things that make her susceptible to Vayne. 1. Higher HP. That serves no purpose against Vayne, because her Silver Bolts will pretty much go right through. 2. Ultimate. Her ultimate is no good against Vayne, because Vayne can simply Tumble out of it's range. 3. Extremely Farm-based. Vayne can outcarry her easily because she cannot carry without a serious advantage in CS. I mean like a 2 to 3 per minute advantage. This is because lining up kills with MF is actually fairly difficult because she is difficult to position because of her constantly changing movement speed. Also, her AD scaling is actually pathetic for an ADC like Miss Fortune.

Only 1% chance for MF to win this matchup, if that even.
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