The Mechanized Menace
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How to counter Rumble as Yorick
If Rumble runs from ghouls he deals no damage with Flamespitter. If Yorick takes Teleport, Rumble will be forced out of lane by Yorick's infinite sustain and harass.
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The Gravedigger
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Counter Tips
How to counter Yorick as Rumble
dorans shield is super effective vs yorick. shield his harass and kill his ghouls to help keep up in gold. rumble wins late.
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Laning as Rumble
AlienPrimate - Posted about Oct 2nd, 2015
A method I have found which has made laning against Yorick much easier is to use hp regen quints and start with 2 beads. At level 1 you will regenerate 5 hp/s which is huge that early in the game. One of Yorick's biggest problems throughout the game is mana sustain. If you can just last long enough early to force him to run low on mana, the lane becomes fairly easy. I would also suggest starting Q against him instead of E because Yorick has the same problem with a weak first 2 levels before getting all 3 skills as Rumble does. Going aggressive early with lvl 1 Q may cause him to mistakenly waste mana spamming the first few levels only to find out that you are healing very quickly from his damage.

Using this guide, you should handle anyone who isn't great with Yorick and not get pushed out of lane against more experienced Yorick players.
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