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How to counter Fiora as Riven
Weird matchup. Because she can destroy you easily, but you also can destroy her easily. Don't get stunned, she can then easier do her combo, which does lot of damage. After 6, if u have low hp, and she activates ultimate, better run away (low hp=more dmg
When you use Q+autos combo, she will try to parry (W) your 3rd Q so that you get stunned. To avoid that, don't follow the 2nd Q with the third one but wait for a short while, then you can use your third Q. If she stuns you with her W you most likely lose
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How to counter Riven as Fiora
If you are the Riven go all in at level 3 and try to take the first blood, If you are the Fiora try to get fortitude elixir to go all in too or just sustain till level 6.
Max your Q and bait her dash, use Q-AA-Q-AA for your passive; you win every trade this way. Max E second and her mobility means nothing. Throw a point into W at lv 2. Her attack speed is slow early but her damage is big so blocking a hit is huge in trades
REWORK: If you ulted her while she is stunned that's an easy 4 vitals to pop with your E slow and mobility from the ult's movement boost and Q. Popping all 4 vitals also restores a lot of health so it becomes harder for Riven to execute you with her ult
REWORK: This is a skill matchup. Bait out her stun and Parry her third Q to win the trade.
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Riven vs New Fiora
project_riven - Posted about Aug 16th, 2015
Start Doran's Blade and potion. Ask your jungler if you can take wolves camp if you're blue side. If you're level 30, you can solo raptors too but make sure you pot. Q the big raptor, auto the small one, rinse repeat. You won't get as much gold as wolves though but you'll get to TP top sooner.

By then, you should have a Doran's Blade and 5 pots. Get E next and go aggressive on her. Q combo her whenever she last hit but make sure you watch minion damage. When you're combo'ing her, do not use your 3rd Q on her. Use it to get away. You can do full combos on her once she uses her parry. It's on a 18 - 20 sec cooldown, so you have tons of time to harass once she uses it. However, if you know her parry is up, never Q W her or Q3 her until she casts parry. Her parry can easily be dodged.

At level 6, if she all in you with her ult and you have her parry on track, just W and run away. Level 6 trade is never worth it because if she breaks all her vitals, you won't be able to kill her.
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