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How to counter Ziggs as Yasuo
Yasuo's Windwall will block all of Ziggs abilities except his ultimate. You can use the wall to block his Satchel Charge if you are in melee range of him so that he won't have an escape.
When you have your E you can dash to him and escape with help of his minions, also you can dodge his q/w
If you are fed, you can use your W to block his powerful Q and W and then dash and keep on using your tempest. If you are behind, use your wall to block his Q and W and try to poke with your Q until your team comes or he is squishy so you can burst him.
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Counter Tips
How to counter Yasuo as Ziggs
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Seriously, where did that bomb go?
ErrorLolz - Posted about Jun 3rd, 2014
Ziggs is a skill-shot champion who throws projectiles at his enemies at long distances. With good harass and a powerful ultimate he surely is a potent mid laner.

What happens if his skillshots can be blocked? Hint hint, WIND WALL.

Yasuo's wind wall can block most of your damage and whenever you throw a bouncing bomb, he'll either use wind wall and trade with you or his shield will take most of the damage. Trust me, a smart Yasuo will trade with you as soon as his shield is gets popped.

He has an E ability which allows him to get to his enemies easily. The only escape you have is your satchel charge. When that's gone, he can pretty much go HAM on you.

The only thing you can do in this lane is harass with your AA's/Short Fuse passive and hope he wastes his wind wall to block your aa's from popping his shield.

NOTE: I don't know if your W knockup can allow him to use his ultimate on you, but if he can, all that means is you're gonna get dunked even IF you attempt to escape. Have fun.
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[ - ] XBlitzenX - Posted about Jun 8th, 2014
RESPONSE TO NOTE: Ziggs w counts as a "dash" movement, not as a self knockup, so Yasuo can't properly use his r from Ziggs w. Also as Ziggs main in this matchup i prefer playing extremely passive, since you can farm properly at any level with your skills and even outrade him if he decides to go ham on you with his e if you throw your spells on your feet and run away.
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