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How to counter Jax as Renekton
Jax can outtrade you at level 1 with counterstrike. At pretty much every point after that you're stronger. You outwaveclear, outdamage and outsustain him. Build an advantage pre-11 or you will get outscaled.
Abuse of renekton's early game and build an advantage before level 11, if you don't you are going to suffer. If you do, just care that he doesn't comeback and try to win the game before he get's his BoTRK + Trinity Force combo
If you have tanky runes and masteries (for masteries i recommend 9/21/0 for awesome tankyness!) you can easy trade him with your Q if he tries to take lasthit. During the Game Jax gets better and better, try to take him out as early as possible and ward!!
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Counter Tips
How to counter Renekton as Jax
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SatanClausIsComingToTown - Posted about Jun 10th, 2015
Jax main here
This is probably one of the most common matchups I've ever played in ranked as Jax. And I'll straight up say it-there are no tricks to this lane. Renekton will destroy Jax early-mid game no matter what (Unless its like first time renekton vs main jax). Renekton is tanky, has sustain, and deals damage in small bursts, all of which are Jax's bane. Here is what I would do

-Start flask, take chicken camp and back for cloth armor
-Play very passively. Only use dodge when Renekton's E is on cooldown
-It's okay to be 15-20 cs down
-Get some early armor. If Renek is tanky this cuts down alot of his damage. If Renek is damage-y then you will eventually beat him with Botrk and TF
-Save Q for escaping unless Renekton's W is on cd
-Stick to splitting if Renekton roams early-mid game unless you see a good opportunity-Jax's teamfight power is weaker than Renekton's until late game
-Ask for 3 man ganks (2 usually isnt enough). Renektons are usually extremely aggressive
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