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How to counter Lucian as Vayne
Tumbling to the side immediately after Lucian casts Piercing Light will almost always allow you to avoid taking the damage.
If Lucian uses any of his spells, try to tumble out. All of them are skillshots but the dash. Lucian will still outtrade Vayne in the early stage of the Game with his passive so try to stay save and wait till 6. When Lucian ults tumble out and condemn him
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The Night Hunter
Physical Damage
Counter Tips
How to counter Vayne as Lucian
Try to harass Vayne pre level 6, you out damage her until then. If you have a support with cc, wait for them to use their ablities on Vayne. If she tries to tumble out of the way, thats when you harass her, and possibly kill.
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Lucian vs Vayne
Kirosaka - Posted about May 8th, 2015
Early game a decent Lucian can outtrade Vayne but only if he uses his passive and kit effectively.
However, Supports like Leona and other high CC supports can influence this outcome decisively. Her CC combined with damage output is enough to put the dark magiczz to sleep. If you don't have an anti-CC support or a CC support like Alistair backing you against Vayne/CC you will lose early game. If that isn't the case however, you will win early game etc.
If you however allow her to get a lead pre-6 she will most likely be able to 1v1 you and win with a combo of bilgewater/ult. So beware.

If you didn't build up a lead in the Early-game she can 1v1 you in mid-game, same goes for late-game. In that case, CC her or you will die.

The key to beating her is counterpicking CC supports and snowballing a lead early-game.
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[ - ] Kirosaka - Posted about May 8th, 2015
Sorry, I just noticed that I miswrote a sentence in my post.

When I say ''Her CC'' I am talking about the case of her having a CC support, not her E.
I apologise profusely.
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[ - ] TwillyFSniper - Posted about May 8th, 2015
Because her E is an utterly horrible thing to rely on.

Pretty much this. When Championselect users don't exactly know the whole story.
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