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How to counter Lux as Orianna
Lux will zone you pretty hard but your Q+W and aa will hit her pretty hard. If she comes for her passive hit her back with Q+W at least. When you hit 6 in a 1v1 kill her with Q+W+R aa ignite as she runs keep the ball in front of her to finish her
Lux is pretty slow if she wants to harass you properly or ult. You can move the ball during a binding so do not be afraid to fight back full force.
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How to counter Orianna as Lux
You'll struggle to kill a good ori until you hit 6. She will win in trades if you let her get in range to zone with your E and DONT go for passive procs on her. At 6 catch her with a Q and combo her be careful when getting the ignite in if you're low
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Range vs DPS
SatanClausIsComingToTown - Posted about Apr 9th, 2015
Both champions do pretty much the same amount of damage with their full combos:
However, Ori's damage is focused on Q-W combo, while Lux's damage is focused on R+passive proc
This means Ori will be very reliant on constant Qs and autoattacks and maybe a few Ws, while Lux will be reliant on poking Ori down before landing a Q and bursting her down.
Unfortunately for Lux, Ori's shockwave and slow mitigates a majority of Lux's ability to keep her distance. Once Lux is in Ori's danger zone (The latter's autoattack range), theres not much she can do except pray to god the binding will hit. If it misses, RIP lux. Generally, Ori beats Lux

Winning as Lux: Keep your distance and stay away from that ball. Poke Ori down with E and autoattacks, but do not stay for more than one autoattack. Always have your Q up

Winning as Orianna: Play safe early on, taking E at level 1. Once level 6, immediately go all in. After 6, use Q-W combo to harass and farm.
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