The eye of the Void
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Counter Tips
How to counter Vel'Koz as Zed
Levels 1-5 Vel'Koz is extremely soft and very vulnerable to shadow harass, you should abuse this as much as possible rather than trying to last hit with the shadows and don't be afraid to port to them to slash him a bit personally.
Against a good Vel'Koz, If you ult them they will time their knock up to hit you the moment you reappear. If you are facing such a player be prepared either by having Flash ready the moment you appear or using a shadow trick.
If he ever puts his knock back on cooldown use your shadows to close the distance and abuse the fact he will have minimal ability to fight back due to his skills reliance on the knock back.
Living Shadow has the ability to dodge Vel'Koz's abilities. Death Mark also puts Zed BEHIND you, making it easy for Zed to dodge your Lifeform Desintegration Ray.
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The Master of Shadows
Physical Damage
Counter Tips
How to counter Zed as Vel'Koz
When Zed use his ulti on you hit him with your E when he is at you.
Try to poke him with your Q and dodge his Q.
Don't push the wave. Punish last hits but don't hit the wave. You can kill him pre-6 if you use exhaust well. Rush zhonya after you get your lost chapter. You should always have either exhaust or zhonya up when he all in. Never use both in 1 trade
Pick exhaust. Start Q and poke him. Use exhaust if he uses shadow to all in you and burst him down while he has no escape but flash. Punish last hits with W E but stay away from him while you are in CDs. Bone Plating and Chrysalis can help you to survive.
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In Zed's favor, but can go either way
nov21903 - Posted about Mar 30th, 2015
A good Vel'Koz can predict an enemy Zed's movements. A good Zed can predict a Vel'Koz's movements and spells. I have had my fair share of s****y Zeds, and some good ones. It really depends on how good the players are with their champs.
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[ - ] Chaosking - Posted about Apr 18th, 2015
I have to say i've beaten zed quite a few times as vel, the best way is to watch his shadows, when he uses it he has no escape so harrass him early on after he uses his shadow. You will want to rush zhonyas so that his ult does jack crap against you, also dont zhonyas on his shadow. Another thing to note, his shadows last 4 seconds, predict his play style and aim at his shadow when u think he's about to go back.
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