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How to counter Lucian as Vayne
Tumbling to the side immediately after Lucian casts Piercing Light will almost always allow you to avoid taking the damage.
If Lucian uses any of his spells, try to tumble out. All of them are skillshots but the dash. Lucian will still outtrade Vayne in the early stage of the Game with his passive so try to stay save and wait till 6. When Lucian ults tumble out and condemn him
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The Night Hunter
Physical Damage
Counter Tips
How to counter Vayne as Lucian
Try to harass Vayne pre level 6, you out damage her until then. If you have a support with cc, wait for them to use their ablities on Vayne. If she tries to tumble out of the way, thats when you harass her, and possibly kill.
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Vayne has the upperhand lategame but Lucian has the ability to stop her getting there
Nubeel - Posted about Mar 30th, 2015
Lucian out trades Vayne early and mid game due to his burst and his passive. E > AA > Q > AA then disengage will do far more damage to Vayne than the couple of auto's she'll be able to get off. By bullying her out of lane repeatedly and preventing her from farming (most important part) it is very likely that with a mid game group the game would end before Vayne has the chance to get to her scary phase.

Lategame Vayne is terrifying and outdamages Lucian at this point but Lucian can still win if he plays his cards right. The trick is to get the first hit on Vayne and obviously not get nailed to a wall.

Supports obviously do matter though as well as the teams in general.
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