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How to counter Annie as Xerath
Annie is a very close burst mage. When you see her skipping closer to you, retreat and quickly Shocking Orb (E) her to stun her. Follow it up with W and Q to damage . keep distance while poking her down and burst her when she trys to burst you.
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How to counter Xerath as Annie
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Xerath Wins Overall
DirtyClown707 - Posted about Mar 24th, 2015
Its pretty easy to win this matchup as xerath, but you should not play like you have already won the lane.

As xerath: try to just sit back and poke. Your main advantage here is your range, annie's skills have a very short range and she will most likely have to go near the wave to farm. Try to harass her enough before 6. If you can get her low enough, she will not be able flash ult you without risking immediate death from combo. However, if she can sustain enough or has good jg presence, it will be a rough lane. The biggest caution you need to have is her flash into tibbers as it will melt your hp bar.

As annie: xerath has far superior poke in this matchup. Try to avoid his harass and get damage back whenever you can. You should try to just sit back and farm until you get 6. Try to get early jungle pressure as xerath has no escapes and your stun plus a jg gank could easily result in a kill. Most of your kills will come in the late game or other lanes. Play as safe as you can early.
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