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How to counter Renekton as Rengar
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Physical Damage
Counter Tips
How to counter Rengar as Renekton
Renekton should take W at the beggining. Trade often. On 3 lvl try to go for kill when u have fury up.
Abuse Cull the Meek's range. Renekton has superior healing and is better at escaping ganks. Rengar needs to be in melee range to deal most of his damage. If he uses the brush to farm, stun him as soon as he comes out.
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You can burst him.
ThePathOfDawn - Posted about Mar 20th, 2015
I main Rengar. Rengar has 3 counters: Jax, Fiora, Pantheon. They can block his Q which makes them a counter. Renekton and Darius are both a very hard laning phase but far from impossible ("I can't win this lane scenario"). Versus both of them you will want to basic attack + Q them on lvl 1 as much as possible. At the same time, you will take similar amount of damage because of their retaliation. Use your health potions immediately. As you hit lvl 2, you will gain 5 ferocity. At that moment you attack. Renekton probably picked Q and W which means he will stun you but not dash from you. If he stays a second longer to hit you while you're stunned, you can kill him with your bola slow and immense damage. I've played a lot of games vs. Rene and even if I didn't kill him, the pressure I put on him at that moment was immense. I won laning phases because this exact decision. Not a real counter, just a large threat if he gets ahead.
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