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How to counter Jinx as Tristana
Easy to do, just make sure your mom is off of Netflix and your support isn't DC'd the whole game.
You won't have much trouble against a Jinx, unless you don't know what you're doing, or Jinx is simply better than you in general. But as a general rule, always always avoid her skill shots, and play very aggressive (but not too much).
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How to counter Tristana as Jinx
Try to use your superior range with rockets to harass tristana out of lane. Tristana's main harassing tool (E) has a 16 second cd, which means you have 16 seconds to basically free-trade her with superior range.
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Mana management
Azhukal - Posted about Feb 25th, 2015
With jinx u have all your abilities on your behalf against tristana. Use your rockets to harass by hitting minions near tristana but care for your mana. Use w when you see an openning and always push the lane. remember to help your support to ward the river via your trinket.

In "all-in"s, tris have to jump on you and if you have harassed good, she will be at a lower hp. Put e directly under her feet or just a lil behinf her if you think she will run. i suggest the former tho. Then begin AA. your AA is too strong for her and and when she tries to run or is at low hp, finish with your ult.

Your wave clear and push makes it too hard for Tristana to farm under turret due it passive from her "e".

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