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How to counter Lee Sin as Shaco
If your happen to have this match up, do not follow where lee sin ganks, instead gank the other side of lane like if lee ganks top, you gank bot
If you're going at a 1v1 at level 6 or above with lee, try to juke him by standing still and moving your clone and let him waste his Q and E and hopefully his ult too, you can kill him easily if he can't Q to you or see you.
If Lee is close to you be careful and focus on when he'll Q you so that you Decieve away immediately BEFORE he hits you, otherwise your Decieve will be useless as he'll be able to see you.
Save your Deceive for when Lee Sin finishes landing his Q. If it is on CD pop your ult just before it hits to prevent the damage. This way it wont matter if he can see you with his "E" because there is 2 of you. Deceive away when he can no longer see yo
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The Demon Jester
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Counter Tips
How to counter Shaco as Lee Sin
Agressive counterjungle make you win this matchup.
Don't chase Shaco if he runs through bushes, couse the is 99% chance he will put a box. Try to engage first and don't use q second time very fast, do a couple basics or slow :)
Make sure you ward your jungle well, especially when going for your second buff. Pink wards are not necessary as both Lee's Q and E reveals Shaco. Once you reveal him, either you or your teammates can melt him very easily.
Your Q will reveal shaco in stealth making him easy to counter gank / counter jungle if he tries to make an escape
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it's hard for shaco
mochipuff - Posted about Feb 4th, 2015
but definitely not impossible, make sure you don't go near lee sin and dodge his q, which isn't hard if you are not slowed by e, avoid counter jungle him unless you have clear visions of their jungle.
and tips for lee sin, don't ever waste your q, if you can't hit shaco 100% save it because once you miss your q, shaco will go all in and there's no way you can duel him without teammate
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[ - ] mochipuff - Posted about Feb 4th, 2015
if he puts a jitb smite it the moment it activates or e to reveal the box and smite it, that way you won't be feared and the fight will more likely go your way
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