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How to counter Diana as Teemo
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How to counter Teemo as Diana
Play SUPER passive until 6. Poke with Q and farm while avoiding his blind. After 6 you will murder his little face. Q-W-R...wait for him to use his speed up, then E-R and he's dead. You burst him SO FAST post 6 he can do nothing.
Be sure you have warded the appropriate spots before going all in to make sure you don't get ganked, and for heaven sakes buy a sweeper ward or pink to keep track of him and his death shrooms.
When having a hard time in lane, buy an Athene's. This will allow you to sustain better against his poison, as well as spam abilities and poke him down better before going all in. Thanks to patch 5.4 you get enough mana back on kill to stay in lane &
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Passive becomes useless
wantmorekills - Posted about Jan 11th, 2015
Once you go into your full combo and it ends. Teemo will easily make your passive useless thanks to his q. He'll blind you and all your basic attacks miss. Even the moonsilver blade. So annoying. You keep hitting him even if it misses and same he does to you but it hits with a bonus poison. And before you can run away, he'll keep on hitting you thanks his range. Tip if your fighting Teemo with Diana, don't engage unless your AP is high enough to kill him without the need of basic attacks. Or switch with someone in your team that has ranged attacks. Example Lux or Ahri. But if Teemo tries to get away with his passive you can use your w to search and e to reveal him. So basically it all relies on the team members and skills of the player.
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