The Fist of Shadow
Counter Tips
How to counter Akali as Yasuo
Use Pinks (Vision Wards) to counter Akali W. It should provide you better accuracy doing combo.
Post 6, she counters you. You need to accept this. Let go of your pride and allow yourself to be zoned. Grab potions to survive her spell rotation. Buy a dorans and maybe some lifesteal runes to keep yourself in lane. Roam a lot. Be useful to your team.
If minions are near the shroud use EQ combo to deal AOE damage and hurt Akali in the meantime
Lifesteal Quints and Magic Resist Glyphs is a must to stay longer in lane, you can easily win early game, but once she hits level 6 her damage will be retarded so be careful, poke her as much as you can with Statik Shyv so you can go all-in with ignite.
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The Unforgiven
Counter Tips
How to counter Yasuo as Akali
Use Akali's Q to pop Yasuo's passive shield, then once the shield has depleted, auto attack to activate your Q for damage. Your Q is the bread and butter for Akali's combo, so use it once it has popped Yasuo's shield.
When you fight against yasou then do youre w to counter his knock up, because when you are invisible he cant see when you are knock uped and he cant ult you
Play aggressive when his wind wall is down
start cloth5 farm till 6 get revolver, dodge tornado, all-in with 3 ult charges, proceed to 100-0 him everytime u feel like it
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From Yasuo's view, pretty long details.
ninjaskiller18 - Posted about Jan 10th, 2015
As a yasuo-main akali is 1 of the hardest match ups to go against. Well the best option is Just ban her. But if she isnt banned and you need to face her, here are some tips.
First, in lane start E at lvl 1 (and max it First). Wait untill she uses her Q in a minion then dash through 2 melee minions, AA her and dash through her. This gives some nice early poke and now you can either keep AAing her (if she flees) or dash through the 3rd melee minion to reduce counter attack. Repeat this and its easy to win. Well only do this when you have you shield up and her Q is off CD. At lvl 4 you can just all in her and wall her Q, cuz its het main dmg she cant traden back. From 6 she can easy jump and her W van Block your ult. Np when she W, use EQ on minions to still dmg her, get pinks and upgrade sweeper ASAP and roam. Just denie her roams and ask for ganks if you need. If you still lose ask for a lane switch. TL; DR Try to win/bully early and its fine and have stealth reveal ALWAYS there.
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