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How to counter Singed as Teemo
An intelligent Singed will play safe and stay out of your range until his jungler can gank and kill you. Keep your escapes on hand before level 6, after level 6 you should rig traps among where the jungler would come into gank.
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How to counter Teemo as Singed
He counters you in lane, but he has trouble tanking minion waves. Take advantage of this via a level 1 proxy, and execute with the tower should he try to stop your shenanigans as to avoid him snowballing.
This is an annoying lane, but play safe and hug your turret. Call for ganks before level 6, and make use of your Mega Adhesive to counter Teemo's Move Quick. Also, fling Teemo into tower range. This lane can be won if you play safely.
Righteous glory is a very strong item vs. teemo as the move speed buff allows you to quickly get in range and fling him especially in combination with ghost or your ult. It also gives allot hp regen to take the sting off of his harass.
Even if you make a mistake and die to him a few times that shouldn’t be a problem as long as you’re keeping up or out csing him since you are soo much more useful to your team and scale much harder.
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as a singed vs teemo
nysr0ck - Posted about Jan 9th, 2015
crystaline flask and tp are your best friends here

early you should push the lane as much as you can and Recall whenever your hp is about 1/2 or 1/4, try stacking AP against him since you want to lower as much hp on him as you can before he gets to harrass you eternally.

a good path build would be to rush Twin shadows in order to get him and mercury's since you'll be taking some considerable amount of magic damage, also he's pretty vulnerable to ganks once he burns his summoners and after you get the goop/twin shadows so coordinate with your jungler.

after that, if you've done well, anytime you see teemo pop your shadows and try killing him for good.
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