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How to counter Teemo as Renekton
Play passive pre - 6 then punish him by doing e on top of him w with 50 fury q and e back. freeze the lane and heal up with q and u should beat him
Take first Q Vs Teemo. Farm till 6. Than go for a kill. Buy MR in first back before that.
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How to counter Renekton as Teemo
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How to win as Renekton easily
Vipersgameplay - Posted about Jan 8th, 2015
So, Teemos usually played against attack based champs like... Trynamere or Ad Nasus not saying you cant win with those but, Renekton damage is based on his abilities so Teemos blinds does not prevent Renekton from doing damage to him while he is blinded. early magic resist (banshees veil) is very good to build as it allows you to be poked and you regen it all back I start dorans shield to block some damage from his autos. Avoid getting poked until level 3 let him push you first 2 waves, so that when you are at level 3 can all in him and kill very easily as teemo is super squishy (Do not underestimate minons damage at early levels though be careful when you dive into a wave). Teemos w is not very effective against renekton as renekton can gap close very quickly with his e and then stun teemo with his w. So in my experience Renekton definitely has the advantage in this.
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