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How to counter Jax as Renekton
Jax can outtrade you at level 1 with counterstrike. At pretty much every point after that you're stronger. You outwaveclear, outdamage and outsustain him. Build an advantage pre-11 or you will get outscaled.
Abuse of renekton's early game and build an advantage before level 11, if you don't you are going to suffer. If you do, just care that he doesn't comeback and try to win the game before he get's his BoTRK + Trinity Force combo
If you have tanky runes and masteries (for masteries i recommend 9/21/0 for awesome tankyness!) you can easy trade him with your Q if he tries to take lasthit. During the Game Jax gets better and better, try to take him out as early as possible and ward!!
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Counter Tips
How to counter Renekton as Jax
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How to play Jax vs Renekton
Lee Sin's Coconut - Posted about May 25th, 2014
Renekton has high damage and from my experience, during early game Renekton can easily out trade Jax. Get cloth and 5 pots or crystalline flask. I don't like doran's shield against Renekton because you'll need more sustain than that, but it is still a viable choice. During laning phase, play passive and farm. Let Renekton push towards your tower and last hit whenever you can, also avoid pushing the wave towards him. If he tries to gap close use your Q to get away or just E while walking back. If you want to cs, go and E to avoid damage while last hitting then retreat again.
Build Ninja Tabi and lots of armour (warden's mail, chain vest) because then you can 1v1 him. Do not forget to build some damage on Jax as well such as BLOTRK. I usually like get armour quickly then build finish BLOTRK etc. followed by finishing off my Omen or Thornmail. If Renekton roams, punish him by pushing down on his tower and start to roam when his tower is gone.
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