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How to counter Master Yi as Yorick
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Counter Tips
How to counter Yorick as Master Yi
Use Q on Yorick's ghouls each time they are summoned. Start with a Flask and pots to stand Yorick's early harass. Build as normal, late-game with enough attack speed and lifesteal, you will win against Yorick on 1x1 because you destroy his ghouls with Q
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Master Yi wins this easily
VampireBoy - Posted about Nov 6th, 2014
Early game it's somewhat hard for Yi. Here are some tips: Start with flast + 3 pots. Save your Q for when Yorick summons his red ghoul. Use your W, your flask and the pots to outsustain Yorick.

At your first back, rush a Bilgewater Cutlass. If you have this item, continue to do what you was doing before. At this point, Yorick should have an tear, so it is very hard at this point to make him run out of mana. What you should do now is continue to use Q everytime Yorick summon the red ghoul. This will deny his sustain. Make Yorick fall below 80% HP; at this point, next time Yorick summons a ghoul, Q on Yorick, then all-in him with your ultimate and Cutlass. Yorick can't escape from you or stop you because he lacks hard CC and his only CC is a slow (to which Yi is immune thanks to his ulti)

At late-game Yi will kill Yorick everytime both face each other. Yi can just use Q and kill Yorick's ghouls easily and win trades with a combination of attack speed, lifesteal, true damage and crits.
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