Dr. Mundo
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How to counter Dr. Mundo as Fizz
Fizz entire moveset counteracts Mundo's; utilize Playful/Trickster to dodge Infected Cleavers and cast Seastone Trident's active to block Mundo's sustain during Sadism.
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The Tidal Trickster
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How to counter Fizz as Dr. Mundo
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As AD Fizz, this is an easy lane
VampireBoy - Posted about Nov 3rd, 2014
Everytime I see the opponent picking Dr. Mundo, I pick Fizz and go AD, it is so easy to win against Mundo.

First, Fizz's passive allows him to dodge Mundo's cleavers much easier than other champions. His W wrecks Dr. Mundo's sustain - there were times that I was able to kill Mundo even when he activated his ultimate.

Fizz's mobility is also too much for Mundo. With an AD Build, he can harass Mundo forever (just watch out for his mana). With a Blade of the Ruined King, no matter if Mundo built magic resistance, Fizz will wreck him, and if he built armor, thanks to his W, Fizz will wreck him anyway.

Of course at late game Dr. Mundo will have a chance. But nobody should be trying to kill a late-game Mundo (except Vayne). Instead, AD Fizz should use his W to weaken Dr. Mundo's ultimate during teamfights.

AD Fizz is the best counter to Dr. Mundo that exists, and I hope that people never realize that, as soon as AD Fizz become popular, Dr. Mundo will become an extremely unviable pick.
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