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How to counter Lissandra as Zed
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How to counter Zed as Lissandra
When Zed ults on to you, wait a half second and ult yourself so you hit him with the AoE and avoid all of the damage from his ult including the damage tick at the end of it. Don't use it on him since the 1.5second stun is not long enough.
You can bait Zed extremely hard with this cool trick. If you are lowish on health, enough for him to immediately jump on you, fire your E back into your tower and move towards him to bait it then reactivate the E as he ults, bringing him into the tower.
Save your W incase he ever tries to jump on you, it isn't worth using it for wave clear against him since he will use it as an opportunity to attack you if you put it on cooldown.
Early game is crucial. Harass Zed on early levels with atuoattacks and Q (actually, aa is your most potent weapon at this stage), as he won't be able to retaliate with anything other than his weak Q (which you should try to dodge, obviously).
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Liss > Zed
duckfight - Posted about Nov 2nd, 2014
Simply put, Lissandras kit completely counters Zed.
Zed can't farm properly without taking free harass from Lissandra.
Zed can't roam properly, Lissandra can push a ton.
Zeds kill potential on Lissandra is around 0. It's not about negating Zeds ulti damage with Lissandras ulti, it's the fact that Lissandra can easily turn around and fight back the moment Zed ultis, pin Zed and his damage output is next to 0.
Even if Zed does manage to pick up a kill or two from side lanes, he can't win lane.

Easy start is cloth + 5, just farm and harass Zed.. Zed tries to farm, hit with Q and follow up with AAs. Make sure you make Zed pay for farming.
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[ - ] Trias000 - Posted about Jul 28th, 2015
Lissandra did counter Zed before her nerfs. Now he can easily keep up with her damage.

"Zed can't farm properly without taking free harass from Lissandra."
Not true. He can poke her back with his Q or W+Q, or use those abilities to farm. He has better health sustain (starts with 3 potions which is enough for a long time, later on he has life steal), and he uses energy. Lissandra sooner runs out of mana, than she harms Zed significantly.
Also, Zed being an AD champion, has much easier csing.

"Zed can't roam properly, Lissandra can push a ton."
This is even more true the other way around, since Zed can not only clear waves just as easily as Liss, but also takes down turrets in no time.

Lissandra currently has 45% winrate against Zed. That's not much of a counter.
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