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How to counter Malzahar as Zed
So you gotta play very carefuly in lane poke him with your W E Q and if you hit level 6 before him try to kill him below 60% health if you got ignite. Otherwise you just play defensive until you get brutalizer and quicksilver sash and you should be fine.
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How to counter Zed as Malzahar
If you see him ulting on you instantly drop a W below yourself then ult him as he appears. Will force him to disengage from you or die since you still have Call of the Void and Malefic Visions (and probably Ignite) left.
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How to survive as zed
RandomDouche54 - Posted about Oct 29th, 2014
As a zed main in this matchup I usually rush my BOTRK into a qss. Usually wait awhile before you finish the qss unless you are being overwhelmed. If you are having trouble you can try building mobi boots and roam to help other lanes.
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[ - ] GreySealer - Posted about Mar 14th, 2015
Just some tips:
*If you are going to roam as Zed, make it quick. Chances are malz will take the initiative and push your lane. If you take too long outside your lane against a malz, it is likely your turret has suffered a significant amount of damage or is already destroyed. Though this is a good/bad thing for you since now you have huge alloance in roaming as malz will be very careful or cautious in over-extending as he is not as mobile as you and has no escape other than flash. *Also, ask for ganks. A successful gank is when he either (1) Malz dies or (2)flashes out.
* Be sure to punish Malzahar if he does not get HP or Armor items and be sure to ready to get punished if you don't get MR items like Banshee's.
*Whatever you do, stay away from creeps with Malefic vision. It will tear you apart once it jumps to you and leave you open for a sure-kill combo if you are not careful. His flash is not just for escaping. Plus he has ignite(sometimes). Ouch.
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