The Hand of Noxus
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Counter Tips
How to counter Darius as Yasuo
Lifesteal Quints to sustain longer or Armor Quints if you gonna try to face him, scaling Armor Seals is a must, Darius is well known for his zoning, farm below or close enough to your turret and ask your jungler for constant ganks, Darius can't escape.
Just tower hug and cs creeps while trying your best to land your Q on him for maximum poke ability. This will get him low and eventually, you will catch him offguard
Try having your shield up as you're going in for a trade. When his lane is pushed up, try E on his minions when he pulls you. That way, Darius could miss his Q as you may out position his ability.
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The Unforgiven
Counter Tips
How to counter Yasuo as Darius
At tradeing Qs try to dodge his. Watch for his passive, don't let him have it. Don't fight him under turret. His wall is useless against you. Try to have your passiv on him as it will lower his passiv's value.
If you face this guy top lane, just stick close to him, avoid his Third Q (Whirl wind was it?) and hit him a lot since Darius' passive is a hemohrage; a bleeding device. You pretty much won that lane if you know what you gotta dodge.
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Darius will consistently out-duel Yasuo
Hopesedge - Posted about Oct 14th, 2014
Early Game:
Yasuo relies a lot on his E to get to and away from fights, Darius' E gets the opponent to himself which makes Yasuo's escape useless.
Yasuo is good at going all in on a champion once he has IE + Shiv but up to that point he relies a lot of poking the opponent from a small distance away and staying back, Darius is able to poke more effectively at range due to his Q's Blade damage.

Mid Game:
Darius can build tanky without worrying about dropping too much damage since his abilities do high base damage and his ultimate is true damage, Yasuo needs to get Shiv and Infinity Edge or else he won't do enough damage to make much of an effect which will put his Last Whisper on hold thus allowing Darius to out-duel him

Late Game:
Yasuo will start to snowball regardless of his laning power against Darius and once he has 4 damage items Yasuo will start to out-duel Darius with sheer damage thus finally being able to win.

To conclude Darius will win early game if he knows how to play.
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