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How to counter Cho'Gath as Renekton
When going in for normal renekton trade (e-w-q-e) activate w before going in, because a smart cho will silence before using q, to stop you from stunning and dodging his q with slice and dice. But if you already have w activated just aa him and walk away.
Try to use enraged W when going for a trade and activate it before going in. Enraged W stun is 1.5s and Cho silence is 1.5s at lvl 1. So if he silences, you will still W since you just AA, and then when the stun ends you can Q and E out.
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The Butcher of the Sands
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How to counter Renekton as Cho'Gath
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After quite a few more games involving this matchup, I can safely say Cho'Gath does not get demolished by Renekton in lane.
RollTheCardsShuffleTheDice - Posted about Oct 1st, 2014
I first thought like everyone else that Cho'Gath would be toast against Renekton. Renekton's sustain seemed more reliable, Renekton's Q seemed to do too much damage, and Renekton had mobility up the ass.

However, I noticed a pattern. Cho'Gath, in an ironic twist, has to BULLY RENEKTON OUT to win lane. That's right, folks. You gotta bully the bully to win. But how does Cho'Gath do this?

By forcing Renekton into an extended trade and eating him away with more than one point with E. You will NOT win a short burst trade against a Renekton with your Q and W, so maxing them are pointless(they only increase damage and mana cost per rank. No CDR or utility bonus except for the silence). If Cho'Gath can land at least three autoattacks on Renekton, he WILL win the trade or go even, because E with a few points in it hurt in a fight. However, Cho'Gath must make the effort to fight so. If Renekton goes in, Cho'Gath MUST take action and force him to fight longer, chasing Renekton if necessary.
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[ - ] RollTheCardsShuffleTheDice - Posted about Oct 1st, 2014
Damned 1000-word limit.

I had more to say. After level 6, you still must keep that aggression going, although more carefully because his ultimate deals significant passive magic damage like a better Sunfire Cape. Also, since Renekton's ultimate can deny your ultimate, you have to use it to feast a minion so that you will be in relatively equal terms when you both fight and he ults. Unless you already have 6 stacks. In that case, just ult Renekton whenever he fights you at the start of the fight. However, you have to continue to aggress him hard with autoattacks anyway every time he goes in to fight you, and you have to keep Renekton in with your Q and W. You have to out-DPS him, because playing passive is not an option with his burst. You have a passive AoE atuoattack steroid on your E. You can't be afraid to fight. So, get out there, buy that cloth armor, watch out for the jungler, and fight Renekton like the Void beast you are.
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