The Will of the Blades
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How to counter Irelia as Udyr
Turtle when she engages and Bear when she's on you, then hit her once in your damage stance. Try not to 2v2 as your Bear stun will be greatly shortened.
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The Animal Spirit
Physical Damage
Counter Tips
How to counter Udyr as Irelia
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Udyr wins hard later
folsomdsf - Posted about Sep 27th, 2014
Tiger Udyr can kill her early just like it kills anyone else. If Irelia tries to fight you early when you're rocking a dorans blade you can send Irelia back to base or kill her(if you run ignire). Phoenix just ignores her and outpushes her and uses bear to stop her engages and turtle to heal. Irelia's waveclear is so bad and her chase isn't particularly very good with a single gap closer you can just proxy farm between the towers and force her to stay with a minion wave. If you're going phoenix and tanky you just ignore her all game and out split her, she'll never kill you. If you're tiger you just force her to stop your split push and kill her late game.

BE VERY VERY CAREFUL EARLY/MIDGAME. If you are tiger she CAN kill you if you're low and she gets a Q stun on you. If you switch stances and she jumps on you after her first power spikes she can take you out, just be careful. Phoenix just avoid and outpush her.
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