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How to counter Orianna as Syndra
Keep your distance, both of you work in a similar way with long range harass castable while moving but your harass is stronger BUT if you get too close Orianna's autoattacks will sway the trade in her favour.
Try to harass the orianna with your Q when she's about to go for a last hit on a creep. At the same time, you must pay attention to her ball positioning so you don't get harassed back. After level 5, you naturally out damage her so this is an easy lane.
Take note of Orianna's summoners, they will vary from Heal/Ignite/Barrier, you should plan your approach accordingly to avoid getting baited by Barrier or underestimating her damage with Ignite.
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How to counter Syndra as Orianna
wait for her missed stun sphere and move closer, harrass with q/w
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Indeed a counter.
SirenX - Posted about Sep 25th, 2014
BUT it's just if Ori plays aggressive. A safe playing Ori won't die to Syndra, so you can farm up just like you can do with Lux. Syndras High Poke and Burst Damage is the reason why shes a counter. Fast played she can Q, E, W, R with Dfg and Ori won't be able to even cast her shield. It's a simple oneshot but Syndra only has limited range. So standing behind is the best way to "counter Syndra". Stay focused it's a hard lane but not the hardest. I think Ahri and Diana are a bigger threat to Orianna because Ahri has her Gapcloser Ultimate and Diana her Ultimate and W.

For Ori:
Play Safe. Do a farming lane or wait for junglers ganks. But tell the jungler when her E is out or she will just stun/Oneshot the jungler without any risk. Syndra won't be able to kill you if you play safe. Also get boots to dodge her Q ( very early ).

As Syndra:
When Ori is playing safe, farm, farm, farm! You still can oneshot her farmed or look for Roaming. You have the upper hand so try to poke her and kill.
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