The Deceiver
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How to counter LeBlanc as Talon
If she survives your burst and you use Q on her before Mirror Image triggers, it will reveal which Leblanc is real.Pick off the one with the giant dagger over her head.
When she's casting Q, you can be pretty sure she will W, so just press E to swap positions and avoid damage.
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The Blade's Shadow
Physical Damage
Counter Tips
How to counter Talon as LeBlanc
Rushing an early Zhonya's will negate a huge chunk of his burst while setting you up to do yours while his ablities are on CD.
This lane is a lot easier due to the silence removal from Talon's E. Harass him in lane and abuse his melee range and lack of good burst at levels 1-4. If he jumps on you past level 6, W away before he bursts fully and do your QR(E) combo.
If you end up in his range to get combod by him, especially pre-6, just use your chain on him then do your full combo. Your combo does more than his pre and post 6 if neither is fed.
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Pretty even matchup...
hallodu1911 - Posted about Sep 3rd, 2014
...but if both are in high elo I think Talon has a slightly advantage because he is still able to silence, but he has to be fast enough to silence her as soon as she jumps on him, land his Q and W - and if she is low and you think you can kill her, his R - and back up so she cant land the rest of her skills.
As talon: stay behind - do as said above if she jumps on you, clear the waves fast, gank other lanes if possible and dont let her get kills because then you will outscale her in your lategame

As Leblanc: Poke him so he isnt able to E on you and if he Es on you go all in after the silence ends, force him to stay back so he isnt able to farm and push the lane because he has a way better waveclear than you, finish him when he is low enough to burst him with 1 combo, build zhonyas so you can dodge his ultimate and/or buy pinkwards so you can burst him down when he is invisible, and beware in mid/lategame because then he gets stronger than you.
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[ - ] BSM - Posted about Sep 30th, 2015
no silence anymore!
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