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How to counter Akali as Lee Sin
Your Q and your E can reveal Akali in stealth. Use this to your advantage.
Lee Sin's E (Tempest) will reveal Akali in her W (Twilight Shroud). So you have big advantage if she tries to escape with her W.
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Lee Sin
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Counter Tips
How to counter Lee Sin as Akali
You're both Energy users, so in the early levels spam Q's at him all day. Get some SV then a Zhonyas, and push your wave and roam. You'll outscale him like crazy if you can put map pressure down elsewhere.
Akali outdamages Lee at all points except when both just hit 6. Akali outsustains Lee Sin, she outbursts Lee Sin. The only thing Lee does is reveal her in shroud. Do not pick Lee to lane against Akali, you will have a bad, bad time.
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Not an actual counter
qtecallesya - Posted about May 20th, 2014
I've played this match-up many times and I disagree with that; Lee Sin doesn't counter Akali at all on lane, although it does when he is jungling because of the high mobility and the free pink ward.

On lane all Akali has to do is to hide behind the minions, poke with q and pop the mark when he goes to farm while if Lee wants to do damage he has to hit q (if he maxes q) or e (if he maxes it) and autoattack 2 times to make the trade even and if Akali kites him after poping the q she will win the trade. Lee can follow her to the minions in order to proc the autoattacks but early on minions will do a lot of damage so it won't be worth it.

Would start with dorans shield as Akali and dorans blade as Lee.
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[ - ] ReplayAttack - Posted about Dec 7th, 2014
You do realize the thing that makes Akali powerful is her insane burst potential? But the only way she has that is with good usage of her W. Lee Sin has two skills that counter her W, making the stealth portion useless. Akali is extremely squishy and she's not going to win a straight up 1v1 against Lee. Add to that the fact that Akali has no escapes without her W AND the fact that Lee has insane mobility. Once Lee gets on her, she's done. Even if she uses her ult to jump to Lee when he's low, he can just ult her away and then ward jump to safety.
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