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How to counter Dr. Mundo as Renekton
I haven't found this that difficult. MINIONS ARE YOUR FRIENDS. Stay behind your wave and use q to farm and punish mundo when he goes for CS. Then, use the E, W, Auto Q, E combo to damage him and get out w/o losing health.
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How to counter Renekton as Dr. Mundo
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How to win as Renekton
ambicek - Posted about Aug 6th, 2014
This matchup is highly dependant on both players experience and playstyle. Renekton, if played correctly can destroy Mundo early. However, Mundo outscales him mid/lategame. I do not play Renekton, therefore I can only talk as a Mundo player. There were few Renektons who beat me, and here is what I noticed worked for them.

How to win as a Renekton:
If you play your lane passive, just farming and chilling, you lost it. Always take ignite. Start Doran's blade and go super offensive, punish every single try to farm with your combo. Rush Hydra or some other offensive item. You can even try to stand between Mundo and your minions, and deny him farming with cleavers.(There was one guy who did this to me, he just ate all the cleavers and then healed with his Q. I could not farm like I normally do, and the harras done to him had no effect.) If you didn't wreck him early, you will not do it later, so just try to push or gank mid. Do not fight him. After lvl6, never fight without ignite.
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