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How to counter Talon as Ziggs
Use W on you when he teleport on you. U can now run away with E or counter-harass with Q+AA, use your E to deny his run and to land more skill shots. An early Hourglass is handy: Armor+AP and use it to stop/slow his harass moment. Call jungler for help.
Poke Talon a lot, he's very weak at early levels.
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How to counter Ziggs as Talon
Don't let Ziggs poke you with his AAs and his Q. Try to reach your lv3 asap and all-in. Do the same operation at lv6
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Talon vs Ziggs is a skill match up
Solando Senpai - Posted about May 19th, 2014
I main talon and did the match up both against good and bad Ziggs.
When Ziggs is bad, you'll freely farm and harass in the same time. Then you'll be able to take a quick kill at level 4.
Yet if Ziggs is good, he will position himself too far away from you, you'll have enough range to put your "e" on him, but you'll be seperated from your minions and will take agression from his minions, plus the damage he will trade back when you try to disengage. So the option what's left is farming, but Zigg's poke is quite insane early on, and if he brings you Under 50% hp, you won't be able to jump in. Anyway, even though you don't try to engage, you'll surely be harassed and will be denied from farming.
If you get too far behind, you won't be able to take real advantage of the lane match up. However, if you manage not to be outfarmed, and if you can get an early kill, it can become an easy snowball lane.
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[ - ] Solando Senpai - Posted about May 19th, 2014
Thus there are some countertips to this match up :
- the most efficient one would be one or two early ganks from your mid : Ziggs is really weak, his escape is not enough to avoid a gank when he's almost under your tower.
- don't stay near your minions, since Ziggs often push the lane by landing "q" on ranged minions.
- buy boots early on. Since his damage rely on skillshots, the more ms you get, the easier it is for you to avoid his damage.
-When you engage, try to bait him by sneaking around, making him hard to land his "q".
- a good item against him would be Hexdrinker.
-You can roam better than he can, especially if you buy mobility boots (but if you do it will be harder to avoid skillshots in lane). Take advantage on giving kills to your botlane, WHEN THE LANE IS PUSHED. if it's not, he will push tower and get ahead in farming.
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