How to beat Yasuo with Katarina Click here for How to beat Katarina with Yasuo
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Make sure you wait for his windwall to go on cooldown or shunpo behind it before using your ultimate. Report
Early game, when Yasuo is ready to launch his whirlwind, approach to a distance where you can use your shunpo on him. The moment he launches it, shunpo behind him, then use Q-W and back away. He won't have many options to fight back. Report
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In teamfights, wait until his windwall is down and focus him. Q, E, W, R is the normal Katarina combo. Once that happens, Shunpo to the next Aatrox/Ahri/Akali/Alistar/Anivia/Annie/Ashe/Azir/Blitzcrank/Braum ya u know what i mean :D Report
Pre-6 Use Sinister Steel (W) to proc Yasuo's shield. Then use Bouncing Blades (Q) and proc the mark with an auto attack. Then use Shunpo (E) to jump to a minion for safety. After 6 Proc his shield with W, then use QEW Combo after W came back off cooldown Report


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