How to beat Vladimir with Pantheon Click here for How to beat Pantheon with Vladimir
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Start with corrupting potion to be able to counter his heals. stay out of range when he has full resource. Mortal reminder works against him to further counter healing. Be careful of his all in with protobelt when his ult is up. Poke with q and combo Report
Start with q, buy a crystalline flask 2 hp potion & 1 mana, play safe until U R' lvl 3, w,e combo and q to retreat & poke him like that, try to don't push the line 2 further beware enemy ganks, if u can't kill him this way, ask 4 help to your j Report
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Stay out of Vlad's range and wait for a Level 3 burst. You want to QWE and not let him sustain because even if Vlad does not kill you, trading Q pokes for an extended period will run you out of mana. Report


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