How to beat Veigar
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Stay healthy when fighting a Veigar, as his ultimate deals more damage the lower your HP is. Report
Your mana cost's are lower than his and he needs to farm his Q to become a late game monster. Keep your mana within Q W (E is also good to have) combo range and when he gets low you can call for a gank or go for the outplay. Ignite is highly suggested. Report
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Veigar is VERY squishy early game and easy to catch when his flash is down. A good gank or a 1v1 outplay has a high probability of a kill. Report
You have higher early game farm potential with your W. Report
Your E prevents his E from stunning you. With your E active, you can walk right through his without any consequence. Report
You will have a great opportunity against veigar. whenever he wants to stun you. just ult inside the circle so that he can't determine where to land his abilities. Then try to blink on him and pure attack him for instant kill, still you need to save HP. Report
If you're playing AP against Veigar, get Zhonya's hourglass ASAP, it will counter his combo, especially his ult. Report
If Veigar stuns you, you're dead. Keep poking him at max distance. If you're in low health, beware of Veigar's flash ult and ignite. Report
When they use their ultimate to you use yours too! Report
Try not to stand behind low healthed minions, as a good Veigar player will see the opportunity to both take the stack and poke you in one shot. The most efficient way to beat Veigar is to abuse his mana hunger, and avoiding giving him free poke will help. Report
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