How to beat Vayne
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Crit Vayne is so OP with Q max. Avoid her if you are squishy and have no CC post Shiv and I.E. Report
Try end the game early. No matter how bad a Vayne is, she'll always become a monster come late game. Report
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Vayne bad agaist Jhin , just use u E to win agaist him . (Easy win agaist Low Elos) (Very hard agaist high elo) Report
You can dash over walls to retreat if she active her ult, her dash can't do the same Report
Graves goes well against low range champions, early game you can take her out of lane easily and late game you just burst her with Q+R and she's dead Report
Easy out farmed and poked, just doge Q (Vayne adc vs. Gnar adc). Report
Build Thornmail and ull be fine! Thats my special tip and if u play vs mid or top ad it will even match better Report
Pray that Vayne isn't DoubleLift or Gosu, or be prepared to perish for your sins! Report
Early-on: make sure to push the lane out and try to poke Vayne as much as you can, punish her for every cs if you can. Once Vayne has Blade of the Ruined King, she is able to 1v1 you quite easily. You should wait for a support engage/ganks and play safe. Report
Try to harass Vayne pre level 6, you out damage her until then. If you have a support with cc, wait for them to use their ablities on Vayne. If she tries to tumble out of the way, thats when you harass her, and possibly kill. Report
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