How to beat Tryndamere with Fiora Click here for How to beat Fiora with Tryndamere
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After 6, watch out for his ultimate as he is unkillable for this 5 seconds. Just don't get baited, if there is some enemy minions Lunge can help you get out from the trouble, because he can do his form of dash once, you can dash twice. Report
It is absolutely essential toget kills pre-6, and that shouldn't be a problem at all. after 6, it will prove to be very difficult to kill trynda with his ult, and fiora needs kills to snowball. Feel free to start longsword+3pots. Report
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Fiora until 6 lvl can beat him very easily. Just don't let him stack his fury, outdamage to force him to use it to heal himself, thus he fast will be knocked out from line. Or u will kill him. Report


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