How to beat Teemo with Jayce Click here for How to beat Jayce with Teemo
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Blinding Dart outranges the Mercury Cannon so don't trade autoattacks with Teemo. Poke with spells and EQWRQAE from the brush at Level 3. Report
At lvl 1 he probably will go E, this is somewhat a good time to trade. When he last hits make sure to get a range AA off, if ur confident. Poke with Q, at lvl 2-3 bait his blind.After u can Merc Cannon: EQW(aa if can) R Q W and E him towards creeps/wall Report
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0 Path mushrooms away from waves, mostly. Jayce will clear waves and overextend, probably; however, even if he doesn't, the additional jungle control will help your team. And since he can't leave without getting hurt, he can't carry other lanes. Report
Farm around him and dodge his spells until he loses his mana, especially early-game when he has no mana sustain. Report
Call MIA's of Jayce because his speed makes him a very powerful ganker. Report


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