How to beat Swain with Fizz Click here for How to beat Fizz with Swain
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You need to be aggressive pre-6. Swain without his ult is no tougher than a normal mage so you can go for kills at level 2-5. It is vital you get a lead at this stage of the game else you will be in massive trouble later on. Report
To engage on him post-6, ult him and run towards him as this will cause him to activate his ultimate, then back off so that he deactivates it and immediately go back in to engage him in a duel while he has his short downtime on his ult(~7-8 seconds) Report
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Either save your E to dodge his AoE root, or engage with it and save your Q as the dodging skill. Don't put both on cooldown before he casts his root. Report
Fizz needs to play aggresively and get kills on Swain before level 11. If Fizz fails to does that, Swain will start to build his core items (RoA and Zhonya) and then the matchup will turn around and Swain will always beat Fizz. Report
Play aggressive early, but don't try to be a hero... If you outfarm Swain, you will be golden!!! :D Report
This is no longer true due to Fizz's nerf during 5.2. Fizz now lacks the early game damage needed to force Swain out of lane. Report


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