How to beat Singed
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Do not chase singed, as his poison will continuously reset against you. Report
Don't waste your time with trying to kill a Singed unless you're certain you're able to take him down. Report
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Always try to stay away from singed to avoid his use of fling. Report
A crafty Singed will urge his allies to run in his poison, making you indirectly chase him. Bear this in mind, and approach from an angle to avoid his poison's damage. Report
Singed is quite vulnerable until first comeback. Try to take him down at beginning. He's most likely to farm behind your turret later on. You can buy v.scepter to farm normally instead of chasing him inside ur jungle. Report
Banshee's Veil severely limits his ability to engage and make plays with fling, as it blocks the CC and he has no other way of popping the shield Report
When caught during a proxy, an experienced Singed may charge to your own towers to execute himself, denying kill gold. If you try to stop the proxy, try to cut off his routes to ally towers. Report
Singed's effectiveness is pretty much all close range, focus on kiting and peel-based strategies to nullify his teamfight potential Report
Dont stay in lane too long when laning against singed as he will be very had to kill. Instead try to roam so that when singed has been farmed up and comes to roam your fellow laners will be to strong for singed to take down. Report


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