How to beat Shyvana
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Avoid clustering when team fighting against a Shyvana, as Shyvana's abilities become AOE in her ultimate dragon form. Report
Play more aggressively when you see that Shyvana's fury bar is low. This means that she is not able to use her ultimate anytime soon. Report
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Shyvana does not have any CC abilities, making her fairly easy to kite. Report
Champions that can slow Shyvana or speed up themselves and either kite or outdamage her while her Burnout is not active are great picks against Shyvana. Examples of such champions are Kha'Zix, Aatrox, Kennen, Swain, Lulu, and Kayle. Report
Don't fight Shyvana while her mark is on you or she will deal massive extra magic damage equal to 2% or your max health per auto attack Report
If your against a shyvana top try poking her down early since she doesn't have any sustain early game, try poke her when she is going for some cs. Report
Wait for her burnout to go off cooldown before going in for trades Report
Watch her items and skill choice, when playing shyvanna she can deal 2/3 magic damage and 1/3 physical, some MR can come in handy. Report
tp/exhaust top lane, take mpen runes and you should be fine, dueling most champions Report
If Shyvana has Smite, she is most likely buying Skirmisher's Blade: Cinderhulk. Avoid fighting her post-6 if you are squishy. Report


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