How to beat Riven with Sion Click here for How to beat Sion with Riven
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Poke with e. When she tries to trade use w to soak up damage. Focus on farming instead of getting a kill. Riven needs kills to snowball. Sion does not die easily. Make sure you ping mia as much as possible. She will roam because she wont be ahead. Report
Abuse teleport and your ultimate to have more lane presence than her and try to have 5 HP pots every time you go back. Let her get ahead in CS, there's nothing you can do until you can win trades with her at lvl 6 or 7. Report
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I've played 3 games with sion vs riven. It's tough going at first. Wait for her to use spells before going in to farm. Use E to poke as much as possible. Don't try to build damage, just armor and HP, and you can start winning trades after lvl 6 or 7. Report


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