How to beat Riven with Cho'Gath Click here for How to beat Cho'Gath with Riven
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Silence Riven before landing your Q so she can't dash away from it. Report
Well, Riven relies on her mobility and abilites to deal huge daamges and then safely move back. Thing is, if you silence her, she cannot use anything to deal damages or escape. Just max your silence, spam it (RoA is great in this matchup) Report
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Cho'Gath is a beast who sustains, just farm up. Don't waste Q, if she tries to engage W>Q her so she can't use her skills to the side to dodge your Q. Report
Do NOT fight Riven, sustain her damage and let her engage as when Riven engage they usually use their E(Shield) first, then Silence her. Riven however can still win you if you try to engage and fight her. Rush Catalyst, you're a sustain beast. Report


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