How to beat Rengar
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Rengar has a immensely weak early sustain in the jungle. Report
If you're looking to Counter Jungle a Rengar, You have to be more sneaky than him which could be a huge challenge. Sneak up on him only if you see his Ferocity Bar at a range of 0-2. He is very vunerable without his ferocity in early game. Report
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Good attack rate (Spells/AutoAttacks) to make him not go invissible. Also: Hard/Long CC Report
Like any of the OP assassins EX yi and other burst dmg champs He is extremely Vulnerable if you blow all of your cc at him Report
Fighting Rengar can be an incredibly hard task, due to his continuous ambushing and healing through Ferocity Battle Roar. He gets 5 ferocity points quickly after ending his Ultimate. Use the opportunity that he doesn't have them to escape or burst him. Report
When a team fight is about to happen cluster your whole team in a tiny tiny clump. This clump need to be the size of a small bush. This way you can blow him up without pinks. Report
Invade his jungle, he is all time low hp ! Report
Try to surprise Rengara by put vision ward when he use ulti. Report
Focus him the second after he comes out of stealth in a teamfight, as he has no escape. Report
When Rengar uses his ultimate and you're not really paying attention. Always save your hard CC ability to stop him. He's not really effective if he's been CC'd. Report


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