How to beat Rengar
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Don't fight until you get stattik shiv, then he wont be too fed and you can easily out damage him with your crits. Report
Stack armor and get a Thornmail. Around fights force Rengar to duel you, he will chunk you but at higher levels even with armor pen and lifesteal he will lose A LOT of health letting your team burst him down. Report
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Play aggresive early again rengar, you will force an early flash. Have your jungle help you to secure the kill in the next couple minutes after that. All you need is one early kill to outscale him and win the lane. Report
As soon as Rengar jumps out of his Ultimate, he loses his stealth detection capabilities. Stealth tumbling as he jumps will allow you to avoid almost 80% of his abilities as you'll only take the Jump damage. Be wary of his Upgraded Ebola, however. Report
Easy to poke. This should be a win for you. DO NOT fight in the bush due to his massive resets in bushes. Report
play close to your tower don't let him get any farm Report
When a team fight is about to happen cluster your whole team in a tiny tiny clump. This clump need to be the size of a small bush. This way you can blow him up without pinks. Report
Invade his jungle, he is all time low hp ! Report
Try to surprise Rengara by put vision ward when he use ulti. Report
Focus him the second after he comes out of stealth in a teamfight, as he has no escape. Report


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