How to beat Rengar
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If he ults, try to walk away if he jumps on you use Q under you both and Silence him. Use As much as possible when he is farming -> method Jumping from bush Report
Stay out of the bushes so that Rengar doesn't leap to you. Post-6 play agressive and ult, since it will deny both Rengar's slow and root. Try not to go too agressive if Rengar has his bar full. Report
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rengar often jumps in and out of bushes to do more damage on you, when you see rengar jumping or when you think he will jump, youse your w to bait him to use his abilities on your clone , and then go in with a e q combo. Report
Drag the minions away from the bushes when they spawn so he cannot hide there and you are able to poke him down mwith q. beware of lvl 3-4 all-in's as he can be alot stronger if he gets 5 ferocity q without your passive blocking it. Report
As a jungler, when chasing rengar, you better build a RED smite so that even if he casts his ult you have vision of him. Report
If you are trying to escape from Rengar, try to avoid hiding form him in Brushes as once he is in one, he is able to leap to close enemies. Report
REWORK: When you see him enter the bush with 4-5 stacks, prepare to W immediately after he leaps on you. You'll soak up his entire burst. Report
Isolating Rengar is key to killing him, as your Q damage will gain a massive powerspike. Attempt to catch him out when he is trying to secure a buff, or has taken damage. Be wary, Rengar often wins the drawn-out fight. Report
In lane, when Rengar jumps out of a bush you can stun him so he can't walk back into the brush puting him at a disadvantage. Irelia is to tanky for rengar to burst and after sheen+level7 irelia can 100-0 rengar pretty easily. Report
Play safe in early game ! Report


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