How to beat Rengar
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It is generally a good idea to keep some cc available to keep him away from the more fragile champions on your team. Report
Renekton should take W at the beggining. Trade often. On 3 lvl try to go for kill when u have fury up. Report
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When you see the exclamation mark over your head,quickly use your meditate as it will hurt his burst because of the damage reduction. Report
Be careful when engaging a Rengar when he's near-full of Ferocity, as any abilities he's just used will immediately come off of cooldown once his meter becomes filled. Report
Rek Sai can see Rengar during his ult while burrowed. Report
As Fiora, you can easily parry Rengar's Q and deal more damage to him without taking damage with your ult. Report
You do more damage than Rengar both in lane and in the jungle. Un-burrow to prevent his leap, and burrow in order to see him if he ults. Report
Abuse Cull the Meek's range. Renekton has superior healing and is better at escaping ganks. Rengar needs to be in melee range to deal most of his damage. If he uses the brush to farm, stun him as soon as he comes out. Report
Juking Rengar is an incredibly hard task, as bushes only boost his chase capacity against his targets. Flashing over impassable terrain is the safest and most efficient way to evade his chase. Report
If Rengar jumps to you from the bush while you are farming, flip him. (your minions should focus him) Then slow him while fearing some of his minions attacking you. Auto attack him a few times then finish with a bite. Rush Randuin's Omen. Report
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