How to beat Poppy with Renekton Click here for How to beat Renekton with Poppy
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Don't let yourself get harrassed without returning a Q or AA + Q! This way you'll be even/stronger! Report
Renekton outclasses Poppy early on, as he is a huge bully while sustaining a lot, allowing him to force Poppy out of lane. As Poppy, be cautious as Renekton is one of the scarce toplaners able to single-handedly dive you. Report
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This isn't easy at all. Apparently Poppy is terrible at farming, and she is weak early on. So deny her farm at all costs. Dive poke her E + W + AA + Q + E every time you get them from cd and make her atleast recall. READ POPPY'S PASSIVE! OP! Report


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