How to beat Poppy with Renekton Click here for How to beat Renekton with Poppy
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Don't let yourself get harrassed without returning a Q or AA + Q! This way you'll be even/stronger! Report
Renekton outclasses Poppy early on, as he is a huge bully while sustaining a lot, allowing him to force Poppy out of lane. As Poppy, be cautious as Renekton is one of the scarce toplaners able to single-handedly dive you. Report
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This isn't easy at all. Apparently Poppy is terrible at farming, and she is weak early on. So deny her farm at all costs. Dive poke her E + W + AA + Q + E every time you get them from cd and make her atleast recall. READ POPPY'S PASSIVE! OP! Report
As Poppy, build ninja tabi and sustain items (flask/d blades). Otherwise his high base damages and free sustain will bully you too hard. By itemsing sustain and armour, you can keep pace. If he ults, it is best for you to run away as the aoe hurts. Report


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