How to beat Pantheon with Fiora Click here for How to beat Fiora with Pantheon
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Start long sword & HP pots x3 use pots when needed. Lvl 1 you have an advantage, right when he gets in lane his passive is probably not up, take advantage and Q, AAx2 and Q him the moment he steps in lane for some good dmg then get out and minion. Report
Pantheon owns the top lane and he will let you know it. You can't easily all in on him, and your W is practically useless. He lacks sustain so just tough it out and you may come out ahead in CS. This is going to be a rough lane so play safe and get help. Report
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You'll hit lvl 2 in no time the moment you do take 1 in E. If you can get close enough to AA him then do so and follow up with combo if not you can try to exchange. Q him, activate E asap, AA 2-3 times with increased speed and Q again then get out. Report
When he uses E (tripple strike frontal short range AOE attack) try to be close to him Q in if needed then step out of it or just Ult him. Close to him it has a very small AOE and is his main dmg. Report
Once LvL 6 Q in, hit W&E as fast as you can, AA him 2-3 times, hit HP pot, Q again hopfully this brings him down around 50%, ignite him AA 2x then Ult, when Ult is finished there is a good chance cool down might be done on other moves. Report
Take as many creeps as you can at lv 1 start with cloth 5. Hug tower and only when hes in AA range to hit the tower then you engage on him as he can trade with you unless his fed. Build armor early on and never 1v1 him his W gives a reset of the passive Report


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