How to beat Nasus with Pantheon Click here for How to beat Pantheon with Nasus
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Nasus struggles against Pantheon's high early game damage. You want to q and e him when he tries to farm and freeze lane as much as possible to zone him off farm. Assuming Nasus buys armour, rush brutaliser into last whisper to keep your damage relevant. Report
Your passive is useful against Nasus, as it can block his Siphoning Strike (Q), but an experienced Nasus will use an autoattack to first remove the shield. You can time your stun for this moment to get another shield. Report
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If you're trying to escape from Nasus, use your stun the moment you get into his melee range to get a shield for his autoattack and time to escape. Report
Nasus is really weak against champs who can poke and have great wave clear. Just be sure to get vision Report


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