How to beat Master Yi
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Wait for him to Q before you try to CC him. Report
As soon as you see him, activate turtle as he will be alpha striking. Then when he comes back stun him, then phoenix him. Continue this until he dies. If u are loosing a duel stun him and run. Report
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Since Master Yi has to farm a lot to get his Sated Devourers Try and counter jungle him and get the scuttle crabs. You will make it hard for him to get sated. Report
Try to save your Polymorph for Master Yi. So he'll be unable to do anything while you or your team can finish him off Report
Master Yi has no crowd control whatsoever, so after he uses his Q and Ultimate, use hard CC (such as a Morgana Snare) to completely block him out. Report
Since you have a Nightmare and your Q is quite the movement boost, just use your Nightmare on Yi when he ults, and hes gonna run like a burning chicken away from you :D Report
Too mutch damage control on Illaoi and Yi can dodge by Q. Report
In Jungle you can counter him rlly hard because you can permanentli stun him and if you build tanky udyr you have too win this rlly nice ;) Report
Buy lots of health, as he ignores armor when his E is active. Report
0 Even if Master Yi uses Highlander your E still slows him. Use that as an advantage if you hit it and use W - Q after and R after he used Alpha Strike to gain distance Report


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