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In lane Taric and Leona are about evenly matched. Taric's lower CC and mobility are balanced by his sustain and the Armor he gives. Whoever conserves their mana better will probably win. However in big teamfights Taric's ult is far more reliable. Report
One of your core items should be Locket of the Iron Solari. It will mitigate a lot of the damage from her passive and R for your team and can prevent losing team-rights. A well-timed LotIS active can change the momentum of a game. Report
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Leona thrives in un-warded bushes. Rush a sightstone and keep her bushes warded. Don't ward when she's standing right there since her Auto-Q-Auto combo can instantly take out a fresh ward. Report
If you think Leona wants to engage, especially if you and your ADC are too low on health, don't stand too close to your ADC. Otherwise, Leona's (flash)-R-E-Q combo will make for an easy double-kill for her ADC. Report
Mana wins this matchup. Start off with Ancient Coin and take mana runes. The biggest mistake is to stun all the time. Save it for engages / escapes / ganks. If Leona engages, stun her ADC and escape. Report


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